M.G. Scroggie, B.Sc, F.I.E.E. 1902 - 1989, AKA "Cathode Ray" author and radio engineer.

Marcus Graham Scroggie was born in Leytonstone, England in 1902, and educated at George Watson's College, Edinburgh and Edinburgh University, graduating in 1922, with a degree in Electrical Engineering.
As a radio enthusiast with the callsign (G)5JZ, he was the second amateur to communicate from Scotland to North America.
After practical training at Bruce Peebles Ltd, and Creed Telegraph Co, he became Chief Engineer (1928 to 1931) of Burndept Wireless Ltd, one of the constituents of the original British Broadcasting Co.
In 1939 he joined the RAF as a radar officer and was in command of a system of three Chain Home radar stations on the SE coast including Pevensey.
Then at No 9 R.A.F. Radio school (Radar), before going to the Air Ministry; where he was responsible for all secret radar and radio publications and security classification.
He rose to the rank of Squadron Leader.
He is the author of Foundations of Wireless, Principles of Semiconductors, the Electron in Electronics, Phasor diagrams, second thoughts on radio theory, Essays in Electronics and since 1923 about 800 technical articles in Wireless World and other journals.
His writing was characterised by lucid explanations of technical matter, de-bunking of fallacies and advocacy of consistent and unambigous terminology.
His recreation was music.
He married Mary Catharine Howie Wood, whom bore him three daughters.

In 1945 he returned to civilian life as a consultant and author, with his own laboratory at Bromley, Kent. (below)

Apparently British magazine "Television" published an obituary for M G Scroggie in the February 1990 edition (pg 294).
If anyone has a copy ? --------- I'd like to read it.