This is my winter 2011 project.
I managed to find a N.O.S. Eddystone 898 dial.
These have always been popular for handbuilt designs because of:-
robust construction,
antibacklash gear train with 110:1 ratio
flywheel loaded mechanism
slide rule presentation (see manuf' data below)
I have used the lowkey mag' Dec 2007 receiver circuit,
but with a h-cmos inverter variable crystal beat frequency oscillator
ref1: VXBFO
ref2: VXBFO
which uses two parallel'd xtals to get a useable variation in freq'
and a well proven audio amp from a VK3XU receiver design.
Using Vero board construction;
3 boards - RF section, Oscillators, Audio amp
This is a work in progress {WIP}.

Click to view Eddystone Catalogue's compilation.